Occupy the Wind

Haven’t posted in a while, so here’s an oldie but goodie:

October 1, 2011 – the Occupy Wall Street march to the Brooklyn Bridge. As marchers on the road level were trapped and then arrested by the police, many of us on the walkway above took videos of the arrests. And then the police showed up and forced us off the walkway. As I was filming this, I heard a familiar tune and musician GioSafari walked into my shot. So I kept rolling and stayed with him. Serendipity ensued, resulting in this documentary music video.

Business Owners for Raising the Minimum Wage

Smart business owners understand that you get what you pay for. Made this ad with my partners at Telequest, Inc. pro bono for the Main Street Alliance (part of NJ Citizen Action) in the fall of 2013. The ballot measure to raise the minimum wage passed overwhelmingly.